All Things Must Pass…

Yes, another ending.
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The ending of the AISR COETAIL class is just the beginning for another new adventure. BUT is this adventure over yet? Of course not. I finally retired last night to let my iMovie upload since the ‘watched pot wasn’t boiling’. My computer showed me a successful upload to Youtube this morning so I’m typing my final post when the inevitable happens. You know, you wait to the last minute and everything goes wrong!

I was unable to share my video within this blog post. Until I realized that my video was private.


Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.51.45 AM
When trying to come with an idea for this project, I was actually overwhelemd with too many ideas. Trying to limit the ideas to something my students and I would benefit from was very hard. I finally settled on the science fair project. As stated in my video, I know that this science project will continue to improve as I tweak/add/change/improve/modify over the years. Because that is who I am. Creating this video is also something I learned from and I can already see what I should have tweaked/added/changed/improved/modified/deleted. Change is inevitable.

I have enjoyed the learning that has taken place with COETAIL. I particularly like the projects that were shared and the current trends we read about in technology. Many of the topics covered gave me opportunities to learn that I would not have had without COETAIL. Thank you!

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